||Event Staff
  • ASSISTANT_compressed

    Production Assistant

  • HOST_compressed

    Event Host

  • greeter_compressed

    Event Greeter

    Event greeters can help you organize and guide guest upon arrival to an event. Greeters provide instructions, themed materials, programs, party favors, seat locations and more to guest.
  • barback_compressed


    Barbacks help keep things organized behind the bar, support bartenders in order to keep the bar flowing smoothly. A barback helps the bartender so that the bartender can take on a larger crowd. During slow times barbacks can collect empty cups and buzz some tables. A Barback is highly recommended when having only one bartender and more than 60 guest.
  • waitress


    Server help keep things organized, take orders, serve food, buzz tables, serve drinks, and bring a professional feel to your event.