||Full Bar Experience

Full Bar Experience


  • Included with this package:
  • SHIFT LED Bar 360°
  • 5hrs of Bartending
  • Shopping List
  • Customized Drink Menu
  • Up to 1 Hour Shopping time*
  • Free bar delivery and pickup
  • Set up breakdown after event
  • Liquor Liability Insurance Included
  • Premium Garnishes
  • Not Included with this package:
  • Alcohol or soft drinks of any kind
  • Mixes
  • Glassware
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An amazing bar experience.

Every party needs a great bar. When it comes to a celebration this package will surely make any event a special one.

This package offers several discounts as a bundle.

With this package you get it all; our SHIFT LED 360° bar, insurance, garnishes, free bar delivery*, a customized cocktail menu, and 5hrs of bartender service among other things see the detail list below.

Our SHIFT LED 360° bar is our newest 2015 model. It features a sophisticated sleek look, it’s designed to allow bartenders to work at fast paces since it has integrated ice bins and speed rails. Everything in this bar lights up even the ice bins which make the ice light up as well.

The bar in the video is included with this package.

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