• Barback

    Barbacks help keep things organized behind the bar, support bartenders in order to keep the bar flowing smoothly. A barback helps the bartender so that the bartender can take on a larger crowd. During slow times barbacks can collect empty cups and buzz some tables. A Barback is highly recommended when having only one bartender and more than 60 guest.
  • Bring a bartender to your event. This package offer the basics to set up a bar at your event.
    • 4hrs of Bartending
    • 1 Bartender
    • Shopping List
    • Set up at event
    • Breakdown after event
    If you have additional questions feel free to call us at 310.849.1304. We’ll be happy to help you with anything you need.  
  • Perfect glassware for the bubbly wines. Serve Champagnes, Prosecco, Sparkling Roses, Bruts or even Mimosas and Kir Royals.
  • Event Greeter

    Event greeters can help you organize and guide guest upon arrival to an event. Greeters provide instructions, themed materials, programs, party favors, seat locations and more to guest.
  • Event Host

    • Included with this package:
    • SHIFT LED Bar 360°
    • 5hrs of Bartending
    • Shopping List
    • Customized Drink Menu
    • Up to 1 Hour Shopping time*
    • Free bar delivery and pickup
    • Set up breakdown after event
    • Liquor Liability Insurance Included
    • Premium Garnishes
    • Not Included with this package:
    • Alcohol or soft drinks of any kind
    • Mixes
    • Glassware
  • Glass is perfect for Mojitos, Long Islands, AMFs, Mai Tai, Coolers, Collins and many more.
  • This Martini is perfect for cosmopolitans, dirty martinis, lemon drops, dry martinis, gin martinis, apple martinis and many more.
  • This glass is perfect for beer, soft drinks and cocktails in general.
  • Production Assistant

  • Glass is perfect for margaritas, hand-craft cocktails, old fashions and any cocktail on the rocks.
  • Server

    Server help keep things organized, take orders, serve food, buzz tables, serve drinks, and bring a professional feel to your event.
  • Shift 360

    The Shift 360º is our newest bar. The bar features a sleek design. Perfect for any event. The bar lights up 360º, it has speed rails, and can be operated cordless. It can be placed a the most remote locations. The bar is truly one of a kind, the perfect Light up Bar Rental. Check out the video below.
  • Tiki Bar

    Having a pool party? bring this Tiki bar and frozen margaritas, mojitos and pina coladas to your party to add a tropical theme to it.